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Stones for Hot Stone Massage

Basalt is made up primarily of polycrystalline olivine and ironmagnesium silicate. The extremely high iron content of these stones gives them the unique ability to retain and evenly transfer heat.
• 4 large stones/bag

• SILKLINE’s stones are of superior quality: made from pure basalt in ultimate condition and correct sizes, these stones will retain heat longer because of the high concentration of iron.
• SILKLINE stones are gathered by hand and “tumbled” by nature to create their smooth exterior.
• An enormous amount of time and effort is dedicated to searching for the best stones, which are then matched to form a “pair”, as these stones are always sold in pairs to restore balance to the body.
• Minimal maintenance required: Cleaning and storing the stones in Epsom salts when not in use is the only regular care they need, though they must be seasoned with a small amount of massage oil before initial use.

The Janssen Spa line embraces a blend of traditional therapies that encourage wellness for the mind, body and soul. The therapy will guide you toward healthy living and heightened mental awareness through the healing and relaxing human touch combined with the natural resources of: water, heat, plant extracts, minerals from the Dead Sea, Desert Salt and Hautes Fagnes. Let your mind, body and soul be rejuvenated!

JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Care ventures completely into overall wellness through full body spa assortments using the most innovative product concepts REL-AIX - SECRETS OF PARADIESE. Natural ingredients derived from around the world to offer unique results!




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Last modified: 07/10/06